Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Brookwood Baptist’s Level III, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) encompasses an entire floor and is designed to care for our tiniest patients. Staffed with board-certified neonatologists, neonatal respiratory therapists, and registered nurses who are certified in infant CPR, drug intervention, and advanced life support, we deliver a level of support and compassion that families truly value. Babies are cared for in a private suite, which promotes continued bonding between mother and baby.

We have 29 private patient care rooms with 32 beds. Three of our rooms are designed for multiples. The large windows open up to a spectacular view of the mountain. In line with providing care that is developmentally appropriate, the rooms feature a light alarm that will change from green to yellow to red when there is too much noise in the unit so that adjustments can be made. The rubber floors also have sound reduction qualities and all room lights are dimmable to support the provision of a calm, restful environment.

Our care philosophy is family friendly, with a 24 hour visitation policy, to allow families to be an important part of their babies’ care. We have a large family lounge that features a spectacular view of the mountain and a cozy stone fireplace. In addition, we have a large flat-screen TV and internet access for our families to make their stay more comfortable. In keeping with our family friendly environment, showers and washer & dryers are available for their use.

Brookwood Baptist also offers a Neonatal Transport Service to newborns who were delivered at another hospital in the region, but require the resources available at our NICU after birth.