Real Stories: Weezie

Weezie speaks with us about having twins in the NICU, taking little moments for herself, and the best gift idea for new parents.

Q: Occupation/Interests/Hobbies:

A: I’m Creative Director/VP of Walls Media, where I work as a graphic designer and web developer. I love to TRAVEL, swim, play tennis and do anything outdoors. I also love art, sewing and crafting — we can’t do a lot of this stuff since the babies arrived. But I try to find time to do some crafts and take a lot of outdoor strolls. Pilates is still on my list.

Q: Who is your doctor and what made you decide to have your baby at Brookwood Baptist?

A: Dr. Cecilia Stradtman of Sparks and Favor at Brookwood Baptist. She was recommended by friends and I liked the practice. It was also close to my office and home. My relatives in Birmingham and the surrounding area had quite a few doctors at Brookwood Baptist.

Q: What made you feel beautiful during your pregnancy?

A: Just the fact that I was finally pregnant and carrying my babies. We tried for a few years to get pregnant, including quite a bit of fertility treatments. We worked really hard for our babies, and finally becoming pregnant — and realizing the pregnancy was going to last — was exhilarating.

Q: What was your guilty pleasure during pregnancy?

A: Yogurt Mountain and Davenports Pizza. Nachos — I never have nachos!

Q: What are your favorite memories of your children’s first days?

A: My babies were born at 26 weeks — 14 weeks early. They weighed 2 lbs 3 oz and 2 lbs 4 oz. A little over 14” long. They went straight to the NICU after an emergency c-section. It was terrifying but I never lost hope. We visited as often as possible. I got to hold Charlie one week after the boys were born — and Damon the next day.

Holding them after hardly being able to touch them was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. When we were told I got to hold him, it was a surprise. We were so shocked and excited. We did kangaroo care with them. We also couldn’t believe even at that size and gestational age that we could already tell their personalities. Damon was most laid back. He liked to be snuggled up in the positioners they use in the NICU. Charlie was wild. He had his arms and legs spread and was always moving. They are still just like they were.

Q: What’s the last thing you splurged on just for yourself?

A: A few of the Neiman Marcus for Target items when they were 50% off. I love labels but having twins doesn’t afford them. I bought myself a Marc Jacobs leather pouch and a Tori Burch lunch box.

Q: How do you get through the “tough days” as a mom?

A: My husband, family and my friends. There are days when I just need to get out of the house. A good girls’ night every now and then helps. My family offers a lot of encouragement by helping or just keeping up with what’s going on with us. My Mom if a great source of support- she often helps with the boys or even better- around the house! My husband is very helpful and hands-on. He lets me run to Whole Foods or somewhere when I need a moment. Mainly my babies are just like their parents — they like to get out of the house! We can usually make a tough day fine by getting out of the house, even if it’s just to go to the grocery store or Costco for needed items. Costco is the best because there are two spots in the carts!

Q: What’s your favorite date night spot?

A: Bottega — the café side. Or Chez Fon Fon. We were given a gift card for Chez Fon Fon as a baby gift. It was such a great gift idea for parents of new borns. We love the babies, but it’s great to have a date night too!

Q: There’s a lot of baby “gear” out there, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

A: That’s hard because the babies are over a year now. When I was breastfeeding, I would have said the hands-free bra. And for both of us parents, the ‘My Breast Friend’ for a long while because we were able to feed both babies at the same time with it. A bouncy seat is a very useful thing—being able to strap them in and keep them content was great.