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Nesting Smart: Chelsea’s Picks

We’re so thankful Chelsea could join us for this fun DIY project and a conversation about designing a nursery with purpose. After we wrapped shooting, we asked Chelsea to round up some of her favorite items for the nursery, to promote a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for baby. Thanks again, Chelsea!

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Crib Sheets

As adults, we have the luxury of adorning our beds however we want: mountains of decorative pillows, duvets and coverlets piled to our hearts’ content, fur blankets carefully arranged at artfully rakish angles—but infants don’t get to enjoy all the same stylish creature comforts. For the baby’s safety, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises an infant’s crib should have nothing more in it than a firm mattress and a fitted crib sheet. No blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals, at least for the first year, to avoid causing breathing problems for your sleeping babe. That’s why Chelsea rounded up some of her favorite crib sheets for us, so your baby can still sleep in style!

  1. Petite Pehr Noah’s Ark Sheet: This is one of the sheets we use in Jack’s Room. I found it so hard to find boys’ bedding that was as creative and whimsical as the designs for girls’ bedding. Most boy bedding is nautical themed, or solid navy. I love this sheet! It gave our room a whimsical pop of color, and it is so soft!
  2. Woolf With Me Personalized Organic Sheet: I love this sheet! It’s modern, fun, and also organic.
  3. Restoration Hardware Baby + Child Linen Sheet: I’m a huge fan of linen sheets myself, so I love the idea of linen sheets for baby! I especially love this if you’re going for a vintage look in the nursery.

After you bring your new baby home, it can be hard to even imagine being apart from them. That’s why many parents are tempted to co-sleep, i.e. letting their infant sleep in the bed with them. Unfortunately this is not safe for your baby, for all the same reasons as stated for their crib contents, plus the presence of at least one full-grown adult body. If you want to keep baby close, consider a bassinet for your bedroom. Chelsea says, “My son hated his fancy bassinet, but loved being in our room! We loved it too—it just made nights easier when you are feeding every 2-3 hours. Here are two awesome options for baby being close, but also safely separate:”

  1. Arm’s Reach CoSleeper: This attaches to the side of your bed. Baby can sleep comfortably in their own space, and you are close enough for nursing and diaper changes in the middle of the night.
  2. 4Moms Bassinet: We love our Pack ‘n Play and use it constantly for traveling, playing outside, the works! In the early months, we loved the bassinet option our 4Moms Breeze had. We used the bassinet at night so that he was still arms’ reach away, but separate. We also used this in the day for naps so Jack could comfortably nap in the Living Room or Kitchen—wherever I was at the moment.
Here are a few other safety/health essentials we loved using with my son Jack as a newborn:

  1. 4Moms Infant Tub: We loved that this came with a temperature gauge so we always knew the water was the perfect temperature for baby.
  2. Nose Frieda: This sounds so gross, but you guys—it works wonders!
  3. Baby Scissors: Clipping Jack’s nails still totally terrifies me—I’m scared I’ll miss! My mom purchased these scissors to trim Jack’s nails instead and we still use them. You can easily trim baby’s nails without worrying you’re cutting too far.


Your baby’s nursery should be comfortable for both baby and parents. Whether you’re nursing, reading, or just hanging out and having tummy time, the nursery should be a place of safety, comfort, and repose. That way, you can spend plenty of time in there to help establish early that it’s the child’s room, and where they should feel most at home as they grow into toddlers and beyond.

  1. Breastfeeding Pillow: Hands down—My Brest Friend! I know, the name is a little weird, which is why I initially skipped this on my registry, but it is the perfect height and support for nursing a newborn. I also love the little pocket where I could store my phone, water bottle, and lip balm.
  2. Ollie Swaddle: This is my favorite swaddle ever! When Jack was a newborn, we would change his diaper 3-4 times a night. I am a terrible swaddler! But because the Ollie is velcro, I could do diaper changes so easily. Plus the fabric wicks moisture, keeping baby dry throughout the night.
  3. Miracle Blanket: If you have a baby Houdini on your hands, this swaddle is life. Jack needed the swaddle to sleep up until 4 months, but between 3-4 months he broke out of just about every swaddle we tried, waking himself up multiple times a night. The Miracle Blanket solved this problem for us!

In addition to being the place where your baby sleeps and plays, the nursery is also where they start to grow up and develop. Filling your nursery with things that can stimulate the parental bonds, curiosity, cognitive function, and intellectual development of your baby is key.

  1. Solly Wrap: My favorite thing I’ve ever bought! I used this every single day when Jack was a newborn and we still use it 2-3 times a week to run errands, walk to the park, etc. This is such a great way to bond with your baby! Now that Jack is teething, he loves to be in the Solly for comfort.
  2. Noah’s Ark Mobile: This is the mobile we have in Jack’s room now and he absolutely LOVES it! It was one of his favorite things when he was little, plus it is so bright and fun—it adds whimsy to my nursery which I love.
  3. Rifle Paper Company Wall Art: We love these fun prints from Rifle Paper Co.! They are so cute and a great way to add color and character to the walls of your nursery.
  4. Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano: Jack absolutely loved this mat! It was so great when he was so little—learning to reach and kick. It transitions as they grow, so Jack still loves it and sits up while he plays the piano.

  • BabyLit books: I love every book BabyLit makes! I grew up reading the classics, and I love sharing such good literature with my son—even at 3 months old! BabyLit takes amazing classics we all know and love like The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, and simply tells their story in a fun, colorful way for babies and kids!
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: My faith is important to me and I love sharing it with my son. He’s far too little to understand or choose what he believes, but the Jesus Storybook Bible helps me to teach my son The Bible in the most creatively illustrated and worded way possible. Seriously, the way this is written—I cry almost every time!
  • Finger Puppet Books: Jack absolutely loves finger puppet books! We can read a fun story together and play at the same time. He especially loved these around 3-4 months when he was learning to reach and touch.

Chelsea Norton is a new mom with a blog we love— At the Noterie, Chelsea writes about motherhood, interior design, healthy living, travel, and more (as well as sharing some spectacularly cute baby photos). 

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