DIY Family Halloween Costumes for New Parents

There are so many wonderful things about welcoming a new baby into your family, and one of our favorites is dressing up as a family for Halloween! You’ll find no shortage of great costume ideas around the web, and we wanted to share a few of our simplest and most frugal favorites with you here. (And then, we were having so much fun that we couldn’t stop just at one blog post—so check out our Halloween Pinterest board when you get done here.)

But first, read on and see if you find your new favorite family costume below!

Baby’s First Instagram

Let’s face it: as new parents, your Instagram page is probably 99.9% baby pictures at this point. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Embrace it, and bring your baby’s Insta-stardom to life with a homemade Instagram frame costume. Start with a large piece of cardboard, then draw/paint it to look like an Instagram photo—but instead of an actual picture in the middle, you cut a large rectangular hole for your little star to shine through. Parents, your costumes are even easier: plain black t-shirts with a big white heart right in the middle. Oh, and don’t forget to hashtag that costume with #iChooseB! “LIKE!”

Family Punk Band

For the couple that wants to say, “We may be new parents, but we can still tear it up as well as any of you youngsters!” Grab some worn-out jeans, old t-shirts, a pair of scissors and a razor, and just go to town. Depending on which nuanced subgenre of punk your family band is, feel free to add some hair gel, slapdash makeup, and any piercings (fake or real) that you might have lying around.

Robbers & A Bag of Money

Turn your little bundle of joy into a bag of cash for the most adorable heist ever. Your baby’s costume can be a simple pillowcase with a big dollar sign drawn or painted on it. Parents, you’re going for a basic “robber” look. You can dress all in black, or go oldtimey with a black and white striped shirt, but the most important element is the signature “Robber’s Mask.” Just cut up some black fabric to make the simple mask, grab your cute little bag of loot, and boom—“You’re so money, baby!”

Baby Lobster & Other Hoodie Creatures

You’d be surprised how many different cute creature costumes you can make out of a cheap hoodie. First up, the baby lobster: grab a red hoodie for your baby, a pair of great big googly eyes, some red pipe cleaners, and a pair of red adult mittens. Glue those googly eyes and pipe cleaners to the hood for the eyes and antennae, and stick those mittens on your little lobster’s hands for instant claws! (Don’t want the “claws” flopping around? Stuff them with some fabric to help them keep their shape.) Parents, your costume can complement your little lobster in one of two ways: you can also be lobsters or, if you’re a fan of darker humor, you can be chefs. You can put together a simple DIY chef’s costume, or just pick up the necessary items at a restaurant supply store. Then, carry your baby around in a big pot for the night (or, more reasonably, just for photo ops).

Other quick and easy hoodie costumes include:

  • Sharks (gray hoodies, googly eyes, white construction paper teeth, gray construction
    paper fins)
  • Bears (brown hoodies, googly eyes, brown and pink construction paper ears)
  • Dinosaurs (green hoodies, googly eyes, white construction paper teeth, green
    construction paper fins/scales/whatever)


So, what are some of your favorite DIY family costume ideas? How many pairs of googly eyes does each one require? Please share your favorites with us!

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