Real Stories: Dad's Q & A

When you’re pregnant, there’s no shortage of books, blogs, friends, and family to give you advice. When you’re not pregnant, but your partner is—well, that’s a pony of a different color. Dads, spouses, partners, and support persons don’t exactly get the same level of attention, and sometimes they have their own questions that don’t get answered.

In order to help shed a little light on some of the more common “Dad questions,” we asked new Brookwood Baptist Dad Scott Frechette about some of his most burning questions—and a few on behalf of his bride Bethany. Questions like “Can I fully understand the pain of labor?” Or “How can I best support my partner through all of this?” Or “How long after the baby until we can . . . you know, uh, adult cuddle again?” Remember, dads and partners: no question is a dumb question, no matter how dumb you might feel asking it.


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