Baby Books for Modern Moms

The baby book is a time-honored tradition of mothers everywhere, designed to preserve the precious memories of your baby’s first months and years. It’s hard to believe we can possibly forget so many special moments, but any mother will tell you: the baby book is a lifesaver when it comes to immortalizing the magic of those early days.

These days, lots of people are getting creative with their “baby books,” capturing and saving their favorite moments in all kinds of different ways. So we rounded up a few of our favorites to share with you. (And as always, we hope you’ll return the favor—if you’ve got a great “baby book” idea that you don’t see here, share it with us!)


If you haven’t already seen the adorable Google commercial “Dear Sophie,” grab the tissues and do it. Setting up an email address for your new baby, and emailing him or her on a regular basis is a great way to catalog those early memories. Includes pictures, videos, whatever you like. Later, you can give the password to your child, or use all the messages and media to make an actual printed baby book. (We should point out that it’s frowned upon by the FTC for a child under 13 to have an email address. So we must recommend that they don’t have the password before they turn 13, mmkay?)


Similar to the idea above, but taken to another level. We love how Brookwood Baptist mom Sunny has also been writing messages to her son regularly and sharing them online at Little guy’s got his own cute little website at less than one year old. Now that’s a 21st century baby for you.


Another unique idea we’ve seen is the baby memory quilt. You’ve no doubt seen memory quilts before, made from old t-shirts or jerseys or dresses, but we’ve only just recently heard about making one from baby clothes. Now, a memory quilt won’t necessarily help you recall specific moments or memories, but it will make a nice keepsake from those first years. If you’re gifted with a needle and thread, you can make one yourself. If not, there are companies online who will make one for you. Now, if only we could make them smell like our babies forever . . .


Just when you thought you’d never hear that tired old line again, right? Look, sometimes we’re too busy to sit down and journal out all the insanely cute things our baby did that day. There are actually several “baby book apps” available for your smartphone, some of which will even help you create printed books later. Give it a Googlin’, shop around and see if there’s one you like.


Hey, we love books too. And if you just can’t resist the allure of a real deal, physical book, don’t worry—we’ve got those too.

All about the photos? Lots of resources online for putting together simple, tasteful photo books, like this panoramic mini photo book from Pinhole Press or this one, designed specifically for your Instagram photos.

Here’a a couple designed for “busy moms” (Ha! How redundant is that phrase?): Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal and Mom’s One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

This engraved wooden baby book is personalized, eco-friendly and just flat out lovely.

And finally, let’s be honest: you’d probably never actually use this one—but it would most certainly be good for a few laughs.

So, did we miss anything? Do you have a baby book idea you love? Share it with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page!


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