Real Stories: Vicky

Vicky speaks with us about work/life balance, letting your belly be free, and finally finding a physician she loves.

Q: Occupation/Interests/Hobbies:

A: Communications-Marketing-PR “Person”/Wife/Mommy/Housekeeper/Cook/Wannabe Writer/Korean Drama Lover/Eats-Like-a-Man Food Enthusiast

Q: Who was/is your doctor?

A: Dr. Cynthia Brown with Sparks & Favor is my physician. I LOVE her. Seriously. I do. Because she’s awesome. Seriously.

Q: What made you decide to have your baby at Brookwood Baptist?

A: I used to bounce from physician to physician and I never found one I truly felt comfortable with. A friend recommended Dr. Brown at Brookwood Baptist. And guess what? I’ve been with Dr. Brown and Brookwood Baptist for over 10 years. It was only natural for me to want Dr. Brown to be a part of the most incredible moments of my life and have my babies at Brookwood Baptist.

Q: What made you feel beautiful during your pregnancy?

A: My stretch marks and cankles. Actually, no. Maybe water retention and my expanding derriere? In all seriousness, my gigantic belly. The one time a belly is beautiful. The one time you don’t need to suck in. The one time your belly can truly be free.

Q: What are your favorite memories of your children’s first days?

A: For both, it was the first time meeting my babies. When you’re pregnant, you can’t help but wonder what your baby will look like, be like. With Ava, she had a head full of black hair with red tips – that stood straight up like a mohawk! With Liam, it was his personality. He was so sweet and laid back. He never made a peep. He’s still sweet and laid back. Lucky me :)

Q: What’s the best advice you were given about becoming a mom?

A: Honestly, I can’t remember anything anyone told me. Because EVERYONE is giving you advice. So my advice to new moms, which you probably will not remember, is to relax. Easier said than done with this tiny, brand new life that’s dependent on you. But you won’t be perfect. You’ll probably cry – a lot – because you think you aren’t doing it right. But relax, trust yourself and take it all in. Because it all goes so fast. I’m sure the advice I just gave you is the advice I’ve forgotten from EVERYONE I mentioned earlier.)

Q: Let’s be honest, labor and delivery is no cake walk. Any advice for first time moms?

A: Millions of women have done it. Trust me, you can do it, too. Toughen up, sister.

Q: How do you make time for yourself?

A: I wish I could say that I take nice, long bubble baths every night. Or that I take an evening stroll to unwind. Or that I wake up early and watch the sunrise on my back patio with a delicious cup of pumpkin spice latte while everyone is still fast asleep. What I REALLY do is hide in the bathroom and lock the door and play Draw Something. (Okay I confess. I do normal things too, like water my plants and buy an occasional dress.)

Q: What has being a mom taught you about yourself?

A: How selfless I can be. I’m the last on my list of priorities. And not only am I ok with that, I am happy that I can do more and be more for others. It brings me joy and fulfillment.

I also learned that I abhor laundry. Sort, wash, fold, put away. Sort, wash, fold, put away. You think you’re done but then it starts all over again. It’s my anti-passion and I’m pretty sure it’s from the devil.

Q: How do you get through the “tough days” as a mom?

A: I remember that my children are gifts and that the “tough days” are just a part of raising them. It’s normal to get frustrated and overwhelmed, but if you take a few steps back to look at the bigger picture of your life, the “tough days” are a part of the beauty of it all. Just change your perspective. Life is beautiful.

Q:How do you balance your career and being a mom?

A: Wow. This is the toughest thing for working mothers. You want to have a career but you also want to be a mother to your children. If you focus too much on your career, you feel guilty because you feel like you’ve forsaken your children. If you take your eye off of your career, you feel like you may be overlooked for that next promotion or lose out on an opportunity. I’ve decided a few things since I had my second baby.

1. My children will ALWAYS come before work, something I did not always do in the past.

2. I hate laundry, so guess what. It can wait. So can evicting the dust bunnies.

3. So what if my husband loads the dishwasher differently than me.

4. Forget perfection.And forget about people judging you for not being perfect.

Start caring what they think when they are helping you do laundry, evicting your dust bunnies and raising your family.

5. As long as my family is fed and we don’t live like “Hoarders,” then we’re in good shape.

Q: Where’s your favorite place in Birmingham to take the kids?

A: How can I name just one when there are so many great places? The Birmingham Zoo and Birmingham Botanical Gardens are great when the weather is nice. McWane Science Center, iJump and Treetop are great for indoor fun. And fun no matter the weather? A friend’s home for a playdate.

Q: What’s your favorite date night spot?

A: Anywhere my hubby is :)

Q: What’s the last book, magazine or blog you read?

A: I subscribe to Real Simple, Dwell and Fast Company, but I can’t remember what I’ve read recently. I’ve mainly been hiding in the bathroom playing Draw Something.