Pregnancy Makeup Tips From a Brookwood Baptist Mom-to-be Celine

Taking good care of yourself when you’re pregnant is important, there’s no question about that. But sometimes we forget that it means more than just prenatal vitamins, healthy diet and exercise. The best pregnancies are healthy and happy—and feeling good about yourself goes a long way in making you feel good.

That’s why we asked our friend and Brookwood Baptist mom-to-be Celine Russell to give us some of her favorite tips for looking and feeling beautiful while you’re pregnant. She styled the hair and makeup for our Brookwood Baptist moms in our past two TV spots, so we know she knows how to bring out the best in an expecting mother.

“Baby Bump Beauty”

I was thrilled when my friends at Brookwood Baptist asked if I would write some pregnancy beauty tips. Since I am embarking on this journey of pregnancy for the first time, I am excited to share my perspective as a professional and a mommy-to-be!

Get “The Glow”

Pregnancy and “the glow” seem to go hand-in-hand. I will say there are days (especially mornings!) when I definitely have not felt all that “glowing.” But there are ways we can fake it ‘til we make it, and we’ll eventually catch up with that nice highlight on our cheeks. ; )

First: moisturize. Pick the right facial moisturizer for your skin type. One cheapie I really like is Neutrogena Oil Free for Sensitive Skin. (There are also versions with SPF as well.)

Second: take the time to apply foundation to get your skin nice and even. Two products I like are Maybelline Fit Me or Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous. Both give a glowing effect. (If you are naturally more oily, you’ll want to keep blotting tissues or blotting powder in your purse for light touchups.) 

At the end of your makeup regimen, brush a little highlighting powder across the top of your cheekbone, lightly across your forehead and a little on the edge of the chin. (But use sparingly—you’ll probably only need one dip into the product for the entire application.) Highlight the tops of your cheekbones first and whatever is left on the brush, use elsewhere. I like Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose or Nectar (depending on your skin tone).

I’ve had several people recently stop to ask me about my glowing skin. Now that is fun boost to your day!

Take time for the extras.

To get those eyes looking nice and bright, use a black volumizing mascara. If your lashes are straighter, make sure to use a lash curler—this helps the eyes look more awake. A couple coats of mascara on the top lashes and just a tap-tap on the bottom lashes (focus on the bottom lashes close to the whites of the eyes, not as much on the edges to avoid that spidery effect) One mascara I like is Covergirl Lash Blast Volume.

If I have time, I’ll add a gel liner to the top outside edges of my eyes, which gives more emphasis and polish. I use Tarte EmphasEYES in brown because I’m blonde, and it’s a little softer look. But if you have darker hair, go with black. Work the outside of the eye with liner—pushing the liner into your lashline so it doesn’t go too thick—and then bring it back across the eye with whatever is left on the brush. You can smudge your line with brown or black powder on a small brush to make it less of a lined look—or just keep it as is.

Another fabulous extra to take time for is a blowout! Recently a spa in town was doing a special on blowouts, and—boy!—I felt great swishing out of that door with my sliky smooth hair! And I made it last almost a week too. (Thank you, dry shampoo!) Treat yourself to those little extras like mani/pedis and hair treatments—they’re definite mood-lifters, and everybody benefits from that! (Baby, hubby and YOU!)

Don’t just “make it through this.”

It can be tempting to throw in the towel and just “make it through this” because you’re so exhausted—but do take that extra time on yourself! It will greatly boost your spirits. You will find you have more confidence and energy as you go about your day.

There was one day I was working out of the house, in raggedy sweats, no makeup, and by midday when I looked in the mirror—sheesh! It was time to freshen up! Even if it was just for myself, cleaning up and putting on some makeup (doesn’t have to be much) did a world of good. I looked at my reflection and thought, “WOW! I needed that! Much better!”

My hope is that these simple tips are helpful for this incredible journey you are on. Happy pregnancy!!

(Photo of Celine by Joanna Ballentine)