Mom Bag Essentials: Part Two

The bags are back! We’ve extolled the virtues of the Mom Bag in a previous post, and now we’ve gotten three more Brookwood Baptist Moms to spill their essentials for part two! Here’s a glimpse inside the essential carryalls of Vicky Cullison, Claire Butler, and Tamara Sansbury.


Contents from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Purse: Lucky Penny for Anthropologie
  2. Umbrella: Totes — or, as my Korean family calls it: sunscreen.  (Just kidding!) : )
  3. Wallet: Hobo (Its only purpose is to hold funds for my bacon cravings.)
  4. Toy tractor (Who doesn’t carry a toy tractor around in her purse?)
  5. Toy race car (See above.)
  6. Keys
  7. Black Moleskine journal (For jotting down anything: reminders, lists, ideas, stories; this one’s new and ready to be scribbled in.)
  8. Notepad (For more jotting. I like paper.)
  9. iPhone
  10. Lip Gloss: Victoria’s Secret (A gift from my sister that I use everyday; I love having it as a daily reminder or her.)
  11. Diaper: Pampers, Size 4, Cookie Monster (Self-explanatory.)



  1. Bag — Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-one
  2. Sun hat to protect those baby blues : )
  3. SunSmart Sunscreen — Micronized zinc oxide with SPF 30 that provides better UVA and UVB sun protection than ordinary sunscreens. (I’m kinda OCD about this since I had melanoma.)
  4. Mom Camera (digital SLR) — A must once they start moving or every pic will be a blur : )
  5. Summer Infant TinyDiner on-the-go place mat
  6. Little Green Pouch — Totally obsessed with these!! They are reusable food pouches that are awesome for on-the-go feeding.
  7. Skip Hop Changing Station



  1. Gap leather fold-over clutch — My kids are old. Unless I’m flying, this is the biggest bag I need.
  2. Wallet — It’s ancient, but it’s small and gets the job done.
  3. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets — I have the oiliest skin around. I can’t live without these things.
  4. Hand lotion — Oily face, dry hands. I’m full of contradictions.
  5. Pens — Never know when you’ll need one. (Bonus points for a free pen from my favorite library!)
  6. Lipsticks — L-R: Clinique freebie, Maybelline Baby Lips in “Peach Kiss,” Cover Girl Lipslicks in “Hipster,” Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in “Baby Baby,” and a freebie gloss from Clinique. This is a pretty minimal offering from me. Once I pulled out 20.
  7. Clinique pressed powder — See above on my oily skin situation.
  8. Advil in a tiny case — Because kids. And life. And whatnot.


See anything you like see anything you have in common? Let us know what’s in your bag in the comments!