Real Stories: Mary Margaret

Mary Margaret speaks with us about the importance of family traditions, lipstick and manicures, and the flood of emotions that come with pregnancy.

Q: Occupation/Interests/Hobbies:

A: I am a photographer. I am interested in music, art, and food! I like having fun — it ranges day to day what that entails.

Q: What was your first thought when you discovered you were pregnant?

A: Ummm — maybe we should go with the second thought? : ) I was excited to start a family. Coming from a family of four kids, I have always wanted a big family. Babies and kids are a blessing — no matter how they get here, or what they bring. They bring new life and new perspectives to your world.

I am the last in my family to jump on the kid band-wagon, so I have witnessed how hard of a job it can be, but I have also witnessed what a great addition they are. I am lucky enough to have a sister who kept reminding me that there is a reason you are pregnant for 9 months: to grasp the concept of being someone’s mama.

I think when you find out you are pregnant, you are flooded with thoughts you have never had before, and didn’t think you were capable of having—both positive and negative. I was pretty overwhelmed with emotions and also logistics. I was really happy to have my husband Jason there with me so we could both go through those emotions together. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of kid we could create together.

Q: What did you decide to name your baby? Is there a story behind it?

A: We haven’t! My husband feels strongly about meeting the child and making sure a name fits before sticking with it. We are being surprised by the baby’s gender, so we have a couple options for both. Most of the names we have liked have a strong family influence.

Q: Who is your doctor, and what made you decide to have your baby at Brookwood Baptist?

A: Dr. Cynthia Brown. I have always gone to Dr. Brown—she’s great. Also: HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW WOMEN’S CENTER?!? I see my friends from other cities’ photos online of their hospital stays, and it looks like a prison cell. Brookwood Baptist looks like a spa! They have kept the patient in mind when it comes to designing the rooms.

Q: What has made you feel beautiful during your pregnancy?

A: Lots of little things.

Seeing your body change so rapidly, but knowing it isn’t going to last. It’s an obvious miracle, and knowing you are creating a life inside of you is pretty awesome.

I think other people have had a big influence. People compliment you constantly, whether it’s how you look, or reassuring you that you will be a good mama. It’s always nice to hear a good compliment.

Maternity clothes, once I finally decided to try them on, surprisingly made me feel good because they fit and I had begun to resemble sausage casing with my old pants. Plus they are so comfortable, and they don’t have any zippers or buttons—Imay even wear them post babies!

Prenatal yoga helped me to feel comfortable in my body again. Also helped me to slow down and take time to interact with my baby.

Dancing with my belly … both in public and private.

Red Lipstick and manicures. With so much attention being called to my body, easy things like lipstick and manicures helped me feel like my pre pregnancy self—especially on those early days during the morning sickness.

Q: What has been your guilty pleasure during pregnancy?

A: You haven’t tasted water until you have been pregnant. It’s incredible—I highly recommend it. Also, meat. Any kind, but with every meal.

Q: What do you think you’ll miss most about your “pre baby” days?

A: My time is my own right now. I know in a few short months, I will be on the time clock of someone who will need me like I have never been needed before. I am so excited to be this child’s mama, and can’t wait to meet this person and see what kind of personality it has, but I do think I will miss things like sleep, and jumping in the car without all the gear.

Q: One lesson your parents taught you that you want to pass on to your children?

A: The importance of family, and family traditions. How a relationship with God can change your outlook on everything. How to keep your memories alive by re-telling the great stories of your life and celebrating them. Music is the most important ingredient in the kitchen. How family dinners are irreplaceable, and are a gift that keeps giving. How to celebrate the strengths of each individual in the family, and love them for their faults. (Okay, it was more than one lesson.)

Q: What’s the last book, magazine or blog you read?

A: What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Q: What’s your favorite date night spot?

A: Any place with Jason Rogoff, and some ambiance! Hot and Hot, Chez Fon Fon, Highlands, The View, a drive-in movie and Davenports pizza—I really just like date nights.

Q: How do you make time for yourself?

A: Slower mornings. Walking. Yoga or Pilates.