Real Stories: Kendra

Kendra speaks with us about choosing a comforting doctor, becoming a full-time wife and mom, and the importance of following a schedule.

Q: Occupation/Interests/Hobbies:

A: I was a pharmaceutical sales representative for twelve years, and I just quit my job to become a full-time wife and mom. When I can find time, I enjoy piano, decorating, yoga, and modeling.

Q: Who is your doctor and what made you decide to have your baby at Brookwood Baptist?

A: Dr. Jon Adcock is my OB/GYN. He is “Mr. Cool” and is calm and collected about everything. Whenever we were concerned during the pregnancy, his thorough and calm approach was always comforting. He was a real God-send, and we LOVE him.

Q: What made you feel beautiful during your pregnancy?

A: I loved trendy maternity clothes. You don’t have to look frumpy these days — there are so many cute options. I also indulged in the spa a whole lot with manicures, pedicures, hair styles, and pregnancy massages.

Q: What was your guilty pleasure during pregnancy?

A: With my first, I couldn’t get enough pizza. With my second, I always had strong cravings for my mother’s warm homemade bread pudding. Yum!

Q: What are your favorite memories of your children’s first days?

A: Seeing babies for the first time is priceless!! I realized what a miracle the whole process is. Even though I had two c-sections, I was still able to experience the beauty of hearing them cry, kissing their little heads, and nursing them for the first time.

Q: What’s the last thing you splurged on just for yourself?

A: I recently went to Atlanta for a weekend to hang out with girlfriends, go shopping, and relax. It felt a little strange leaving the kids with my hubby for two days, but it was refreshing to get away. I realize now that full-time mommies need breaks too.

Q: How do you get through the “tough days” as a mom?

A: From the time our kids were born, we have followed a schedule, and it has helped us tremendously. When I feel overwhelmed, I just keep the schedule flowing and I know that eventually it will be bedtime (which is mommy time)! The kids benefit from the schedule too because they know what to expect, and they have a greater sense of security. We used the Babywise method at first and then Toddlerwise.

Q: What’s your favorite date night spot?

A: I am a cheap date, so I enjoy walks in Homewood park. It is easy to neglect talking once kids come along, so I enjoy anything that allows me to reconnect with hubby.

Q: There’s a lot of baby “gear” out there, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

A: I always recommend the Kiddopotamus swaddling wrap to my friends. Babies need to stay swaddled at first to retain their body heat. The Kiddopotamus wrap is so much easier than using a blanket because it has velcro and stays put. Every mom should also get a Bumbo seat. It is a little chair that’s like an extra set of hands. It allows babies as young as 3 months old to sit up, so that you don’t have to hold them all the time.