Exclusive OB Amenities

Walker Baptist Medical Center

When the big day arrives, and you’re ready to welcome new life into the world – we’re ready to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Welcome Bag

To thank you for choosing our facility to welcome your new addition, you will be greeted with a Welcome Bag upon arrival into your room. This fun goodie bag is packed with all kinds of treats to keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable throughout your stay with us.

Enhanced Menu & Support Person Meal

Our food service department unleashes the power of food to transform your experience with us. We recently optimized the items on our menu which now offer you more nourishing and tasty meals than ever before. In addition, we are pleased to provide one complimentary companion meal during your stay with us. Review our new menu to plan your meals ahead of time.

Walker Baby Onesie

In the first few days of your baby’s life, there are many important moments you’ll want to treasure forever. One of them is the baby’s coming home outfit. At Walker Baptist, we want every baby to go home in style; that’s why every newborn receives a Walker Baby onesie before heading home.