Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: New Moms

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! For this edition, we’re sharing a few of our favorite gift ideas for new moms. But before we proceed, a little friendly advice: Mom’s probably already made a wish list—and that’s definitely the best place for any gift givers to start. But if you’re still looking for ideas, we’ve got a few more suggestions that are sure to be a hit. So without further ado, we present the second installment of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: New Moms!

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
A Decent Camera ~ $200+

A little vague, we know. But a Mom’s camera of choice is a matter of personal preference (and other factors). For example: is she ready for a new phone? The new iPhone 6’s camera is a showstopper. Does she really want to step up her photo game? A new DSLR might be the ticket. Does she want something a little less bulky without sacrificing image quality? A compact mirrorless model will fit perfectly in her stocking.

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
A Day Off
Being a new Mommy is an incredible, life-changing thing—but it can also be exhausting. Treat Mom with a spa day, a massage, or for maximum relaxation: a weekend away with the girls.

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
Piko Tops ~ $29-39
These soft, billowy tops are super comfortable and flattering on all body types. But that’s not the only benefit for those of us who’ve recently given birth—they’re also awesome for breastfeeding.

Botanikō Body Monoi Sugar Scrub and Monoi Body Satin ~ $38-$48
These small batch, handcrafted personal care products are made right here in Birmingham by our friends from Stone Hollow Farmstead, and available at Soca Clothing in Homewood. They’re 100% organic, 100% amazing, and we’re pretty sure that the Body Satin is exactly what heaven smells like.

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
A Night Out
The other side of the “Day Off” coin. The Day Off is just for Mom, while the Night Out is for both parents. When you’ve got a new baby, getting some quality couples’ time can be challenging. So a nice evening out on the town can make for a much-needed—and much-appreciated—gift. Babysitter booked, dinner reservations made, maybe a holiday movie at the Alabama Theatre . . . whatever it is, just make sure both parents get a good, long night out. They deserve it!

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
Sonya Renée Millie Initial Necklace ~ $70
These gorgeous, delicate pendants are a beautiful way to commemorate baby’s first Christmas with their first initial.

Brookwood Baptist Women's Center - Birmingham, AL
Something She Needs
For most people, the best gifts are something you wouldn’t buy just any other day. But sometimes a utilitarian approach to holiday gifts can be a lifesaver. That next carseat you need or that new high chair? They may not be as “fun” as many other ideas, but they are still great gifts. (Pro tip: ask grandparents for this kind of stuff. They love it.)

And with that, we conclude Part 2 of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! Hopefully our suggestions can help bring a little more holiday spirit (and a little holiday peace of mind) to your family this year. If so, let’s just consider it our little gift to you!

So, what are some of your favorite gift ideas for new moms this year?

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